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More About HHO Generators

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First off thank you everyone who has been following our hho generator blogs and sites since 2008.
As you know our hho dry cells and kits have been installed Worldwide with great success. In an effort to help spread the word about the awesome effects hho can have both for saving money and to clean up the pollution from so, so many fossil fuel motors running in this world we thought we would add our HHO generator news to google+ Find us on Google+ Keep up the great work and we will try to post more often - of course you can visit our site for more hydrogen on demand info.

Sunday, June 30, 2013



A hho generator, which is also known as an Electrolyser is a cell or multiple cells which breaks water
down into hydrogen and oxygen gasses by using electrolysise
The gas produced is called hydroxy, browns gas or HHO. HHO is 2 parts hydrogen and 1 part oxygen. Hydroxy gas (HHO gas)is highly explosive

Thursday, May 23, 2013

What is the best HHO system on the market?

What HHO Generator Should I Use ?
what is the best hho generator system

Why all the confusion ? Over and over it has been proven that the Dry Cell type hho generator is so much more efficient than any "wet cell" hho generator out there.
After experimenting with this hho stuff for more than 4 years now we have yet to come up with an hho generator that sits in the bath of solution and remains cool for long periods of time.
This post is pointed to the many many people who ask that very same question - what hho generator is best ?
Answer = Find a hho dry cell system that has proven results consistently.
If you do not know what an hho dry cell is please look around this site or go to best hho generator system

What is The Best HHO Generator

How Do I Chose a HHO Generator that works ?

For more than 4 years we have been experimenting with hho and hho generators and have not found any thing better than the "HHO Dry Cell" to use for your electrolyser (hho generator)
Best hho generator system
The reason for this is fluid recirculates through the cell and back to the reservoir. This can not be match by a wet cell type hho generator.
The wet cell sits in the water bath solution and will simply get warmer and warmer as the unit runs.
I hope this answers the question we get asked over and over - What is the best hho generator system.
Not to be specific, find a good hho dry cell system that has proven result. Please be careful when searching for hho generator systems, there are many out there that WILL give positive result but also some scams too.
For more info go to best hho generator -

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

HHO California Installers get a break from High Gas Prices

California HHO Kits

It seems most of the best hho dry cell builders are in California, and I think it finally donned on me why.
Back in 2008 before the rest of the country got hit hard by the Gasoline and diesel price raises California was being squeezed hard.
It happened last year and is going on this year too. Many BS reasons and stories why the prices are up to and over $5.00 a gallon in some Bay areas. Watch out other states it will get you too.
California hho installThe truth is GREED, the gas companies will do what they can get away with and the average person just accepts the price and goes on.

Well back in 2008 these guys who call themselves HHO2u and 2HHO started beating the gas monster by installing hho generators in California and have now spread all over the states and world wide. There are othe California hho kit companies, but not with the solid reputation of gains in MPG that these guys have.
HHO2u is the one HHO system company that can and will help you save on your fuel bills by adding a very simple kit called an HHO Dry Cell System
Check out the HHO install testimonials. Quite a few from Calif hho installers.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Worldwide HHO Dry Cell Wholesale

Wholesale deals on HHO Dry Cells
HHO Generator Experimentation:

Thought all you hho dry cell installers around the world would like to know where the best hho dry cell design was coming from.
The 11 plate and 21 plate hho dry cell that is being installed with great success by Europe hho generator enthusiast as well as Australia Hydrogen on demand installers and as far away as Africa is the
hho dry cell design by
People are having awesome success with this hho dry cell - Here are some European hho dry cell testimonies Worldwide hho

If you or someone you know is looking to buy bulk hho dry cells at Wholesale Go to

HHO Kits and Now Diy hho Kits dry cell Type

OK my hho loving friends, I realize it's been a while since my last post but I absolutely thought it necessary to let everyone who is into or looking to get into building hho dry cell generators know that 2hho has finally broke out with an affordable DIY hho kit.
Build your own hho drycellThey have got an exclusive from hho2u to sell un assembled hho dry cells in every configuration you could want using the same plate design that has the whole world raving about high hho production and low amps.
Who else will give you a choice of 11, 13, 12, or 25 plate diy hho dry cell kits
If you want all the hard work done for you and want the hho dry cell of your choice for 1/2 the cost
Head over to 2hho DryCell and check out the "Diy HHO Kit" page